Performance management allows organisations to tap the full potential of their staff.

Using performance management, organisation can ensure that employees not only fulfil their responsibilities, but able to perform the best of their abilities and exceed the organisation's expectations.

Performance Management highly contributes to organisational success and bottom line results by tightening the link between its strategic business objectives and day to day actions in the organisation through the following practices:

  1. Clarifying job responsibilities and expectations
  2. Enhancing individual and group productivity and developing employee capabilities to their fullest extent through effective feedback and coaching
  3. Driving behaviour to align with the organisation’s core values, goals and strategy
  4. Providing a basis for making operational human capital decisions such as rewards and recognition
  5. Improving communication between employees and managers.

When effectively implemented, performance management best practices result in a wide range of benefits for employees, managers and companies. PACE’s Employee Performance solutions are uniquely designed for both the Appraisers and Appraisees.


Senior Executives, Human Resource Managers, Generalists, Specialists, Business Leaders who want to enable their employees to:

  • Adopt the concept of performance management and building a culture of performance excellence
  • Appraise the performance of staff effectively and to give feedback that facilitate alignment and improvement towards growth
  • Set goals and develop action plans to manage work performance towards desired organisational goals
  • Embrace ownership of their respective roles in the organisation's performance appraisal process for effective organisation engagement and performance


Appraisers will benefit from our program through:

  • Learning effective target-setting skills that will motivate staff performance towards organisation's desired goals.
  • Acquiring skills to engage and manage employees towards the achievement of their performance goals for team and organisational achievement.
  • Mastering the skill of giving performance feedback to affirm positive behaviours and correct negative behaviours.
  • Appraisees will benefit from our program through:
  • Understanding and appreciating the essence of the performance management system in the organisation.
  • Participating actively in the appraisal and feedback process.
  • Taking charge of their performance and constantly working towards improvement.


  • Concept sharing
  • Experiential learning activities
  • Simulation activities
  • Hands-on LIVE Practical Sessions
  • Role simulations
  • Case study analysis
  • Personal action plan


  • Increase in employee commitment
  • Enhanced employee engagement
  • Reduction of employee misconduct
  • Create opportunities for employee self-development