Becoming a Licensed Partner

PACE O.D. International is resolved to deliver quality OD programmes through our Licensed Partners. In this light, we take pride in ensuring all our partners undergo a vigorous certification programme for the respective programmes licensed to said Partners.

The PACE ODI certification and support process primarily consists of 6 phases.


Roles & Requirements


  1. The main functions of the appointed licensed partner are to:

    • Be an advocate of the respective licensed workshops/programmes within their respective country.
    • Provide pre-workshop and post-workshop services to interested clients.
    • Promote the licensed programmes within the licensed partner's country by initiating and executing marketing efforts including but not limited to public relations, brochure distribution, mailing, emailing, cold calling, public events, features on licensed partner’s website, social media, etc.
  2. Designate a team to undergo training by PACE and be certified to market and facilitate the respective licensed programmes.

  3. Provide PACE with a business plan to develop the market share for the licensed programmes.

  4. Contribute best efforts to grow the market share of the licensed programmes in its assigned country according to plan.

  5. At all times, protect the copyrights of PACE proprietary products and programmes in the local market.

  6. Observe and fulfil the terms and agreement set out the partnership agreement.

  7. Ensure that the licensed programme contents are not used by unauthorised people other than those employed by the licensed partner’s organisation.


  1. Provide training to the administration team of the licensed partner.

  2. Provide skills-equipping workshop training to the licensed partner or its employed representatives.

  3. Provide latest research updates regarding the licensed programmes to consistently provide world-class quality service to clients.

  4. Provide logos and other marketing materials regarding the licensed programmes to the licensed partner for marketing purposes.

  5. Provide pre-release product updates of the licensed programmes as it becomes available.

  6. Work with the licensed partner to achieve the projected growth of programmes in its respective market