Executive director | Certified Master

Founder of PACE O.D. Consulting, Dr. Lily Cheng is a visionary and thought leader in the field of Organisation Development (OD) in Singapore. As an OD consultant, executive coach, and a master facilitator, Lily’s personal mission is to help leaders succeed. She also serves as the Executive Director of PACE OD International

Together with Dr. Peter Cheng, Lily has developed, designed and delivered world-class OD solutions to multinational corporations and government bodies in 14 countries across the U.S., Europe and Asia. PACE has achieved laudable success on a global scale despite its humble beginnings as a local startup, largely due to Lily’s dedicated efforts throughout the past decade.

As a certified master, Lily presented at The Leadership Challenge Forum 2015, San Francisco, and her doctoral research paper was published in the Journal on Business Review (GBR), being previously selected for presentation at 2011 AODN Summit, China. She was also awarded the Student Research Colloquium Showcase (SRC) by the OD Network in the 2011 Annual Conference in Baltimore, U.S. Lily was also a visiting leadership lecturer for Tsing-Hua University’s International MBA program.

A Real Leader with a heart for knowledge sharing, Lily has authored and co-authored books such as Leading Lights (2007), The Language of Organisation Development (2013), Real Leaders (2013) and Real Help (2015).


    • Ph.D. in Education - Monash University
    • M.A. in Education & Human Development - George Washington University
    • B.A. in Business (Human Resource) - University of Tasmania
    • Diploma in Education
    • Certified Master for The Leadership Challenge®
    • Certified Master Coach with the Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI)
    • Certified Consultant for the People Developer Standard
    • Certified Management Consultant
    • Certified Practising Management Consultant (PMC)
    • Member of the International Coaching Council (ICC)
    • Accredited Administrator for DiSC, FIRO-B and SII
    • Certified Practitioner of MBTI® Step I™ and Step II™
    • Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA)

    Ph.D. Research

    Enablers that positively impact successful implementation of organisational change from the perspectives of Organisational Development (OD) practitioners, 2013

    • Selected for presentation at the OD Network Conference 2011, Baltimore and AODN Summit 2011, China.
    • Has received praise from the OD community. “This manuscript is a rare interpretive study on the enablers of successful OD. Literature review was relevant to the topic. Using important questions and based on a thorough process, this study found the lived experiences of six objects. A very well organised and well written paper.”