What is the Motivation Factor?

The Motivation Factor Methodology is a development process  that enables a structured and goal-oriented approach to change  and management. The process consists of a number of work-  shops and individual coaching dialogues, which can be used  and adapted to any situation, where the challenge is to involve  and motivate individuals or teams towards a joint objective.

The methodology rests on a scientific and factual basis, while  the practice is composed with respect for the integrity of each  participant. This makes the methodology trustworthy, secure  and transparent – and at the same time goal-oriented. The  direction of the process is defined during the first workshop,  where the participants must agree to a joint objective. In that  way participants know the success criteria of the process, and  management has a clear signpost for their investment.


Today, Motivation Factor Institute (MFI) has practitioners in all parts of Denmark, and is establishing a presence in Europe, the USA, and in Asia - building a dedicated practitioner network that you can be a  part of. PACE ODI is proud to be the exclusive partner of MFI in bringing the Motivation Factor to Asia*.

 A typical practitioner has the following profile:

  • Consultancy companies and independent consultants using  the Motivation Factor Methodology commercially in their own  businesses.
  • Companies that have trained their own employees in the use  of the Motivation Factor Methodology for internal development processes.



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*Tokyo, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia