The Real Leaders 360° Feedback Assessment System is the only 360 feedback solution that builds leaders from within, helping them to hone the 8 Essentials of leadership to be applied in the real world challenges of business: Competence, Creating An Inclusive Environment, Compassion, Character, Conviction with Courage, Credibility, Shape Values-Driven Culture and Drive Performance:

  • 56 Assessment Questions
  • 8 Key Leadership Development Areas
  • Printable, Detailed Report
  • Group Report Option Available

Through this assessment, leaders will be able to receive feedback and insights into how others perceive them and their frequency in demonstrating the 8 Essentials at the workplace. The assessment will help to identify areas where they can initiate a positive change within the organisation based on the feedback. Apart from the quantitative feedback, the Real Leaders 360° Feedback Assessment is designed to capture qualitative feedback from observers, providing a holistic clarity to the feedback that is essential for the participating leaders to devise development plans.

A. Pre-360° Feedback Briefing

A Real Leaders Certified Facilitator will facilitate the objectives of the feedback exercise and meanings of its constructs for the leader (ratee) to:

  • Understand the constructs as to avoid misinterpretation and hence psychometric errors
  • Embrace objective a positive mindset in self-assessment and selection of raters
  • Foster positive attitudes towards the feedback report and embrace change of behaviours to becoming Real Leaders

B. Real Leaders 360° Feedback System Administration

PACE OD International or its licensed partners will create organisation accounts to administer the Real Leaders 360° Feedback Assessment on the Real Leaders 360° online portal. This includes sending invitations to leaders and observers for participation, managing timelines, generating reports and post-feedback follow up if necessary.

Organisations can also choose to appoint their own administrators within the portal, if they prefer.

C. Real Leaders 360° Feedback Individual Report Interpretation

Interpretation of the Real Leaders 360° Feedback Report by a Real Leaders Certified Facilitator to provide detailed analysis of the feedback, facilitate the understanding of the report and implication for the actions to be taken as part of the development plan. Organisations can also opt for a group session for the report interpretation.