Excellent customer service is no longer an option in this competitive business environment, but a necessity to gain an edge over competitors by building authentic relationships with customers who now look beyond the transactional aspects of products and services.

What keeps customers coming back requires more than a great service experience which is a given. It’s the authentic relationship that connects customers with the service provider that makes the difference. To think of that, building authentic relationships with customers is not something that happens by chance but requires the intentional and deliberate investment of efforts on the part of the service providers and organisations. In essence, it demands of service providers to provide Real Service that is not an event but a continuous journey that is based on authentic relationships and passion to serve the customers.


Real Service Workshops are designed for organisations and service professionals who aspire to retain their customers through building authentic relationships that promotes customer loyalty.

Instructionally designed from the Real Service book, the workshops encompass a holistic intervention that is aimed to have participants lear, reinforce, internalise and apply the learning back to the real work situations. 

Befitting the learning needs of service providers at different levels of service competencies in the organisation, each of these 1-day or 2-day workshops builds on the others to provide learners with both deep and broad service competencies base din social psychology to help them gain customers' share of heart, mind and voice—making them brand ambassadors for the organisation. 

For time-deficient learners or organisations, each of the 4 workshops can be engaged as stand-alone programmes, and each workshop can be further broken down into 90-minute segments, facilitating bite-sized learning.

Real Service workshops are designed to engage Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor skills of learners, incorporating a blend of learning methodologies that include varied service concept sharing, experiential activities, real business care discussions, wisdom of crowds, and role-play. In addition, PACE provides the following value-added services:

  1. Continuous Research and Development: We provide timely and relevant updates
  2. ~10%-20% Customisation of Content: Case studies and content are customisable to your industry: e.g. Case studies, business examples
  3. OD helpline: We are here for you when you need us for OD help and assistance
  4. Implementation of Optional ROI System: We help you make the intangible ROI tangible through visible business outcomes.



Considered the cornerstone of Real Service, Essentials provides the pillars and framework to build relationships with customers to delight and retain them. This programme equips service providers with new perspectives in how they view service and respond with customer-oriented behaviours that win customers over.

Key Deliverables from Essentials:

  • Adopt a service mindset that begins from within the organisation
  • Understand the need to gain the share of heart, mind and voice of customers
  • Learn about the key handles for providing the Total Service Experience and building authentic relationships with customers
  • Learn how to manage customer expectations and maintain goodwill
  • Be able to differentiate the expected service from surprising services
  • Innovate surprising services to delight and wow customers to come back for more



Customer interaction constitutes a large part of the job for service providers – a service provider that can effectively and pleasantly engage customers over the phone and face-to-face build stronger relationships. Engagement explores the different conversational and interactional skills that are crucial to providing Real Service and managing the self and others effectively.

Key Deliverables from Engagement:

  • Learn to avoid inappropriate ego states when responding to others, to continually engage customers

  • Unravel the keys to effective communications and adaptive dialogue skills to connect with customers

  • Learn the 6 roles of Service Leaders and learn to practice the roles

  • Learn the different dichotomies to effectively understand and manage the self and others, and apply MBTI concepts to achieve meaningful interface with customers

  • Learn the concept of “One Voice” and apply service initiatives to ensure customers enquiries are handled seamlessly across the entire organisation




Enablers delves into a slightly more sensitive area of customer service: working with difficult and sometimes displeased customers. It equips service providers with skills needed to manage difficult customers, and how service providers can recover from mistakes to win the heart of customers. Participants of this program will also learn the importance of retaining customers and how to use feedback management system to effectively address customer feedback.

Key Deliverables from Enablers:

  • Acquire skills to work with challenging customers and win them back
  • Understand the customer loyalty progress ladder and learn how to craft loyalty program initiatives to reward and retain customers
  • Learn the difference between satisfied and delighted customers and learn way on how to increase delightful services that surprise customers
  • Learn how to solve the customers’ problems at the root to prevent future recurrence
  • Learn to be creative in resolving customers’ concerns





    Topping off the series, Exuberance is designed to have service providers revisit and reignite their passion in providing service so that they can demonstrate service excellence with utmost sincerity. Exuberance covers the various aspects of service that exudes boundless energy and excitement, and developing exceptional problem-solving skills that emphasises a proactive attitude and approach. Exuberance also explores the art of exuding self-confidence and assertion without being overbearing, and allows one to remain calm and composed and effectively engage others even when put in a difficult situation.

    Key Deliverables from Exuberance: 

    • Appreciate passion as the key to becoming a service champion and learn how to reignite passion, understand the occupational passion framework and identify areas of strength as an individual and as an organisation
    • Learn to adopt exceptional problem-solving methods to solving customer problems effectively
    • Learn and understand the situational awareness framework to go beyond basic attentiveness, and adopt a situational awareness mindset to anticipate and attend to the unexpressed needs of customers
    • Learn and practice the subtle art of assertion to increase self-confidence during interaction with customers
    • Learn how to remain composed and engage other effectively even when put on the spot

    Why Real Service?

    Real Service does not merely build knowledge-based mindsets but action-oriented culture. Injected with rich, customisable real life case studies from Asia and beyond that provide relevant refreshing context to the principals expounded, making learning enjoyable, memorable and easy to apply. Other unique features include: 

    • Bite-sized learning approach: flexible delivery of workshops, especially for time-deficient learners or organisations
    • Flexible yet sequential individual programmes that build on each other but can also be delivered separately — allowing for learners of different competency levels to be matched to their needs
    • Synthesises 30 years of practitioner experience and researched-based social psychology frameworks into a compelling package that anyone can learn something from to deliver service that "WOWs"

    Target Learners

    While may of us serve both external and internal customers in some capacity — whether it be responding to an inquiry on the phone, or providing information to a team member — the following groups would especially benefit from Real Service:

    • Organisations that have service related business, e.g. hospitality, F&B, retailers
    • Primary Target: People in the organisation who have direct interface with external customers, regardless of position
    • Secondary Target: People in the organisation who have internal customers, such as serving and supporting other teams. Service is not just external, but in serving those who you work with, working towards to a common goal becomes easier to achieve with service excellence as a culture


    Thank you for organising such an interesting course. It hits the spot. Everyone knows about service but it is good to be jolted, realised about excellence in service delivering competency, commitment and confidence!

    The workshop conducted is very interesting and I have learned a lot of new knowledge and skills in providing good service to our customers.

    The pointers/ highlights of the course were brought across clearly in an interesting manner, which made it easier to remember.
    — Ministry of Education, Singapore
    (I would recommend this course) Because this has greatly improved my capabilities to handle customers and I want to share these good methods.
    — Hitachi Corporation
    I believe most staff should understand the importance of service excellence. Thus this course reinforces this and helps us to understand the direction of the management.
    — MSIG Singapore
    Excellent workshop to build confidence and better coping skills pertaining to customer service.

    Helps to improve our overall qualities and mindset when facing outsiders as well as ourselves.

    It is very interesting and increases knowledge and better understanding about customer service.
    — Singapore National Eye Centre